Inside the mind

I have decided I need to start blogging! I need inspiration in my life so maybe I can find it if I start a new hobby :) I guess we’ll find out.

Guilty pleasures

SNL lazy Sunday and lazy Sunday 2 are hilarious episodes. I have a new obsession…that and Dawson’s Creek

This is why they are my best friends…because we can be weird

This is why they are my best friends…because we can be weird

Gobble gobble

Happy turkey day to all! This is a day of thanks and of course family & FOOD! So eat a ton and then nap :)

Famous Seattle gum wall :)

Famous Seattle gum wall :)

Without you

One night
I find myself wanting you-
I am alone.
I yearn
For your touch
Your smell
The sound of your voice
Whispering “I love you”
It is in the dark
I realize I can only want-
I can only yearn.
For you are no more
And I am…

All it takes

I imagined it-
For how long you will never know.
Beautiful, breath-taking.
A moment
Where in an instant
It all changes.
I imagined it
Never thinking it would happen-
I was wrong.
Feeling of ecstasy rushed
through my body.
Butterflies filled my stomach
Passion bursting at the seams
My heart exploding with desire
A smile
Appeared uncontrollably.
I imagined it and
Finally it had happened
You were mine
And I yours.
All it took was
A kiss.

Goodbye first love

The moment,
Yet to have occurred.
You will realize
I was right
Giving up was not the answer.
Should have fought-
To save you,
Save me,
Save us.
You chose the easy way out
Now, left with pain
And regret.
While I,
Live happy knowing
I fought
To save us, but instead
Saved myself.


Attracted to
Radiant Beauty.
A smile so Devine
You fall in love.
She Changes the world through passion
A fate so tragic
never to be forgotten
Her smile in the sun
laugh in the wind.
love with the moths.